About Me

My portraits are created using compressed charcoals, a medium that complements working on facial representation, with the ability to produce both smooth and subtle forms, with detailed abstract patterning and texture. My work aims to capture the darker and unseen elements of my subjects’ personalities and are centred on the triumvirate of impression/perception/reality; of how contrary to how we perceive and are impressed upon by friends and pop culture icons, the reality of their persona may be quite different. The strong lighting of the subjects combined with the monochrome nature of the pieces intensifies the visual impact of the work, and mirrors the emotional contrasts of the subjects.


• Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize Exhibition, 2019
• Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, 2018
• Royal West of England Academy's biennial Drawn Exhibition, 2017
• Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, 2016
• Pastel Society Annual Exhibition, 2015


• £5000 Alfred Teddy Smith and Zsuzsi Roboz Award at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2015
• Jesus College (University of Oxford) Association for the Arts Prize 2011
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